Юни-Н Констракшн

New York


Nikita Khegay
General Director of Uni'n Construction

In Uni'n Construction we have managed to bring together a team of people with extensive experience in industrial construction, design and project management.

Our personnel accumulated all the knowledge, skill and experience necessary for a modern-time specialist: specialized education, large professional experience, organizational and management skills.

We never stop - our management continues to learn, mastering new achievements of world business - community in construction management, human resources management, financial management, to fully meet the needs of our customers.

For more than a decade we have worked to allow effectively managing personel head our company and develop together.

We believe that working with us is not just a productive and creative business, it is also a an invaluable experience of communicating with people, mutual development and a huge benefit to all of society.

General Director of «Uni'n Construction» - Nikita Khegay is well-known and recognized in the professional community.

Along with professional construction education Mr. Khegay is MBA-qualified specialist with wide experience in CIS countries. He is continuously learning and training at international internships in Grat Britain, China, USA and other countries.